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July Flower of the Month – Roses

Roses without a doubt are one of the world’s most nationally recognised flowers, carrying historical and emotional symbolic meanings. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but are a versatile and come in a huge variety of colours, shapes and sizes to suit even the fussiest of flower receivers. With alluring beauty, it’s no […]

The Return Of The Gerbera Flower

The 90 reign is in full force – from the high-waisted ‘mom’ jeans, signature Tommy and the clueless plaid pieces, the nostalgia of the past even makes its way to flowers. Gerberas come in a massive variety of colors and types – everything from blazing orange to curvy petals. Usually associated with being supermarket flowers, […]

Colour Therapy: Flowers That Make You Happy

Flowers have been scientifically proven to make people happy. From boosting your mood or by lowering stress, there’s nothing quite like a bouquet of colourful blooms to heighten your mood and interior. Colour therapists believe that different colours correspond with different vibrations throughout the body. If your vibrations are skewed then therapists believe that if […]

Where Do Tulips Come From?

Tulips are a beautiful flower with A LOT of rich and interesting history. But where do these flirty and fun blooms originally come from? The short answer – Turkey and Asia. We’re incredibly lucky that in New Zealand, we have amazing access to a range of tulips from our growers. But did you know that […]