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Peperomia Hovaria

Peperomia Hovaria



Peperomia Hovaria is Completely different from the existing Peperomias on the European market and a true gem for The Ginger Junglers. The leaves are so so soft and I can’t go past without giving him a little stroke. This Peperomia Hovaria® is so easy to care for! It only needs one good watering every 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the time of year and how much water you give, because it’s quite succulent.

Water once you start to see him begging for a drink, how often will depend on how you water. If you decide to water from the top you will need to water a little more regularly (every two weeks) If you water from the bottom letting him soak for 5-10 mins then every 4 weeks.

Keep out of the full sun and no dark corners. Medium to bright light will be suited.

Pot Size 15
Plant Height 55cm