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Top 5 Flowers For Your Summer Bouquet

More than any other season, summer is the time to be bold, bright, and beautiful.

When the sun is shining, there is nothing quite like a burst of color to keep you in that cheerful ‘summer is finally here’ mood.

This is why we are going to talk you through the best flowers to include in your summer bouquet. Whether it is to brighten up that corner in a room, work as a gorgeous centerpiece for that summer garden party, or simply just to enjoy some beautiful summer blooms.

1. Hydrangea
Although these flowers need to be kept regularly hydrated and out of direct heat, many people opt for these flowers in the summer because they look so pretty. They come in a variety of different colors (the blue hydrangea is a favorite of ours) and they are a great way to create a fuller-looking bouquet due to being a cluster of lots of tiny little flowers.

2. Peonies
Peony season might not last long, but they are truly beautiful blooms that are typically available for a few weeks in the late spring and early summer. Peonies are seriously impressive, opening up into huge ball-shaped blooms with billowing petals. They’re an Instagram favorite too, due to the fact they’re naturally photogenic and look fabulous in pictures.

Coral charm peonies are available at the start of the season, whilst pink Sarah Bernhardt peonies arrive a few weeks later. With coral peonies, you’ll enjoy watching them change color – when they arrive, they’ll be a vibrant coral but over the next few days they will fade to peach, yellow, and cream tones. Get a few different looks in one bouquet!

3. Sunflowers
Nothing says summer quite like a sunflower. Resembling miniature suns, their beautiful bright yellow blooms are the perfect way to bring a classically sunny look to a bouquet. Sunflowers are naturally cheery too, so are the perfect gift to send to someone who needs a bit of extra joy in their life – or just as a treat to yourself to brighten up your home for the new season.

4. Lavender
A gorgeously fragrant flower, in a rich, indigo blue is a surefire way to summer bouquet perfection. The scent is just heavenly. Team lavender with calla lilies and your bouquet will be blooming with majestic charm.

Take a look at our Scented Lavender or Pomegranate Rose & Peony bouquets to see lavender in action!

5. Stocks

Also known for being wonderfully fragrant, this flower grows best in the sun. They bloom in an array of different shades from white, red, pink, blue – practically the whole rainbow. Its distinctive color palette is what sets it apart from other blooms. If you are looking for a real color-popping bouquet opt for the stock flower.